GreenWaves Store

  • 10 Pack GAP8 Engineering Samples

    400,00 excl. TVA/VAT
    These are hand packed Engineering Samples. They are functional but may not have gone through qualification at all temperature ranges/boundary conditions so should not be taken as fully indicative of final performance. They are provided for early prototyping only. We strongly suggest that prior to purchasing these components you contact GreenWaves to discuss your project.
  • GAPmod module

    60,00 excl. TVA/VAT
    GAPMod is a core module built around GAP8 application processor.  An application PCB designer can simply mount the GAPMod module onto the specific application motherboard to facilitate and speed up the development of applications around GAP8.
  • GAPPoc-A is a Proof of Concept Board that can be used for demonstration of battery-operated, edge computer vision applications based on GAP8. It incorporates GAPmod, a surface mount module that implements all the layout sensitive portion of a GAP8 design, along with a VGA image sensor and a Bluetooth Low Energy radio. The GAPPoc-A board enables battery operated applications developed around algorithms such as people counting, face-identification and many others to be quickly assembled and evaluated in the field.
  • The Occupancy Management Reference platform from Lynred and GreenWaves Technologies uses an Infra Red sensor and an ultra-low-power processor especially designed for on-board Artificial Intelligence to provide an easy to install, battery operated occupancy management sensor.
  • GAPUINO Combo Kit

    199,00 excl. TVA/VAT
    Includes GAPUINO board, sensor board and QVGA camera
  • GAPuino GAP8 development board

    100,00 excl. TVA/VAT
    GAPUINO GAP8 Development Board
  • Low Power QVGA Image Sensor

    40,00 excl. TVA/VAT
    Low Power QVGA Image Sensor for GAPUINO