GAP9_EVK (GAP9 Evaluation Kit)

GAP9mod (GAP9 Core Module) is included

GAP9_EVK – GAP9 Evaluation Kit (eFused)

500,00 excl. TVA/VAT

GAP9_EVK is a versatile evaluation and development board intended to assess GAP9’s capabilities and performance. It can be fitted with expansion boards to enhance it and prototype richer applications (typically, in the Audio or IoT domain).

GAP9 is an engineering sample.

GAP9mod – The GAP9 Core Module is already included in the GAP9_EVK. There is no need to purchase it separately.

Full documentation is available here

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> Generic Evaluation Kit for GAP9 including :

  • GAP9mod – GAP9 Core Module (click here for more info)
  • M.2 format receptacle to plug GAP9Mod
  • CSI-2 camera connector (pinout aligned on 22-pin RPi camera standard)
  •  Basic UI (push button + 2 LEDs)
  • 1 PDM microphone with ‘always-on’ listening capability
  • Multiple expansion connectors – incl. mikroBUSTM socket, e.g. to plug any off-the-shelf MikroE ‘Click’ expansion board
  • Choice of on-board USB<>JTAG bridge or external JTAG probe for programming and debug

> 63mm x 68mm

> All available GAP9 I/Os routed to EVK board I/Os


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