GAP8 is an IoT application processor that enables massive deployment of low-cost, battery operated intelligent devices that capture, analyse, classify and act on fusion of rich data sources such images, sounds, radar signatures and vibrations.

GAP8 is uniquely optimized to execute a large spectrum of image and audio algorithms including convolution neural network inference and signal processing with extreme energy efficiency.

By enabling autonomous operation GAP8 dramatically reduces deployment and operating costs of a wide range of intelligent edge devices.

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GAP8 highlights

Key application areas

Always on, battery operated inference on images, sounds and more

  • Occupancy management
  • Surveillance systems
  • Face detection / identification
  • Speaker detection / identification
  • Keywords spotting
  • License plate recognition
  • Vehicle spotting

Easy development

State of the art toolchain with a wide range of supported models and frameworks

  • RISC-V C / C++ toolchain with full support for ISA extensions based on GNU toolset (GCC & GDB)
  • GAP AutoTiler code generator for explicit memory movement
  • Generator library with DSP/NN kernel support
  • GAPflow tools providing end-to-end code generation from NN frameworks such as TensorFlow and PyTorch
  • AudioTools mapping audio graphs onto hardware resources from MatLab templates
  • PULP OS, FreeRTOS™
  • Cross OS PMSIS cluster & device API
  • Debug support including on-chip debug
  • GVSOC SoC simulator and visual code Profiler