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Software Development Tools

The GAP SDK includes all the tools necessary to build, run, debug, and profile applications running on GAP. Our objective is to make it as easy as possible for developers to extract the maximum energy efficiency and performance from the GAP architecture with the highest productivity. We provide multiple examples of different tasks that we anticipate that you will need to execute and also full, end to end application examples.


The GAP SDK includes an open-source extended version of the RISC-V GCC compiler which includes optimization and code generation steps for all the RISC-V ISA extensions implemented by GAP processors. It also includes all the tools necessary to flash, run, and debug GAP. There is no need to use assembly language to extract maximum performance from GAP processors. Find more information about GAP Toolchain on GreenWaves’ Github repository.


GAPflow includes tools that automatically convert quantized and floating-point TensorFlow Lite graphs to readable C code ready for execution on GAP. The process can be fully automated as part of a program build but the tool-based approach means that the process is inspectable and debuggable. GAPflow includes the GAP AutoTiler that optimizes the movement of data across the memory hierarchy at compile-time overlapping computation with memory movement to ensure the best possible performance. The GAP AutoTiler makes it easy for a developer to extract the maximum benefit from the GAP architecture, avoiding the need for energy-hungry data caching for streamed workloads. Click here to find more information.


GVSOC is a near-cycle accurate, full SoC simulator that runs GAP executables on a Linux PC. The tool’s sophisticated code trace and signal tracing functions give the developer detailed information on code execution, speeding the debugging and optimization of applications.
Watch our tutorial on how to use GVSOC in our blog post.