Our second generation GAP9 processor revolutionises hearable devices with features like neural network steered ultra-low latency, active noise cancellation, neural network based noise reduction and 3D sound.

The GAP9 hearable platform is exceptionally power efficient for voice and music processing, giving headroom in both energy and processing power that can be used to develop innovative new features in audio products, with no compromise in area, cost or energy.

Our sophisticated toolset and GAP9’s inherent homogeneity and scalable performance make development significantly easier.

GAP9 – a homogeneous solution designed for hearables

Leading DSP for music and voice audio power and quality performance

Programmable ultra low latency stream processing (SFU) for ~1uS latency ANC, ASRC and more

Best-in-class CNN engine (NE16) for AI based or driven algorithms

Massive computing headroom for new features e.g. NN based audio features such as 

  • Active noise cancellation with neural network based acoustic scene detection
  • Noise reduction (DNN-NR)
  • Speech intelligibility
  • Voice separation
  • Immersive 3D sound
  • Spoken language understanding

State of the art toolchain with a wide range of supported models and frameworks

Small WL-CSP package (3.7×3.7mm) for more compact form factors