“We were able to port Cyberon’s versatile, extendable voice command recognition engine, DSpotter to GAP9 in under a couple of weeks and are achieving the best energy efficiency that we have seen on any processor.”

Alex Liou, Vice President of Cyberon Embedded Solution BU

“IDUN audio’s dynamic spatial audio (DSA) platform allows for a vast amount of configuration possibilities. Having an application processor like GAP9 available really allows us to demonstrate the full extent of the DSA platform’s possibilities. At the same time, we are able to keep the power consumption low enough to run comfortably inside wireless headphones.”

Pauli Minnaar, Founder and CEO

“GAP9’s flexibility has allowed us to quickly port our market leading adaptive ANC solution onto it with great performance and power consumption results.”

Eric Benhaim, CTO

“GAP9 gives SEGOTIA flexible, low-energy compute power that allows us to combine Neural Decoding with Advanced Audio machine learning and signal processing to enable our customers to introduce revolutionary features to their hearing products.”

Culann mac Cabe, CEO