Ensuring people’s comfort, health, and safety in any building is the first concern of facility managers. Achieving this while controlling the costs of heating, lighting, cleaning and other utility systems and shared resources is a challenge.

GreenWaves has created a reference platform for an Occupancy Management sensor that accurately locates and counts people in buildings. This information can be used in a wide range of use cases such as meeting room or cafeteria usage optimization, desk reservations and usage based cleaning.

Since no images leave the sensor the privacy of occupants is completely protected. The sensor can be entirely wireless, operating for years on a battery, making it easy and cost effective to install.

The GreenWaves Occupancy Management platform provides everything necessary to build the next generation of smart building sensors.

GAP processor – best in class for battery-powered smart building sensors

Watch here the recording of the webinar “Battery optimized people counting using FIR and AI

Accurate, privacy-respecting, indoor people detection and counting

Low latency and energy inference on image or sound

  • Desk occupancy detection
  • Meeting room utilisation
  • Shared space utilization
  • Fallen person detection
  • Social distance notification
  • Abnormal sound detection
  • Usage based cleaning
  • Cafeteria occupancy management
  • Smart energy management

Compatible with years of operation on battery

All platform elements supplied under permissive, open source licenses

Reference board and firmware provides easy prototyping and evaluation

Can be extended with other sensors

Complete solution reduces integration and productization risk