Processing power

22.65 GOPS150.8 GOPS

Power efficiency

4.24 mW/GOP0.33 mW/GOP


L180 kB128 kB
RAM512 kB1.5 MB
Non VolatileNone2 MB
ExternalQSPI/ HyperBus2x QSPI/OCTO-SPI/HyperBus/SDIO

MAX Frequency


Fixed Point

8, 16, 32-bit8, 16, 32, 64-bit***

Floating Point


Sound Interface

2 Rx-Only I2S interfaces3 master/slave SAI full duplex, I2S and TDM 4/8/16 ch capable

Camera Interface

8-bit CPI (Camera Parallel Interface)8-bit CPI, 2-lane CSI-2

Package type

aQFN 88 7x7mmWL-CSP 3.7mmx3.7mm


In productionIn production

*FC (Fabric Controller) is the main system controller and resembles a standard MCU; it can delegate compute-intensive tasks to the Cluster.

**GAP includes a multicore compute cluster with a shared memory architecture and hardware thread synchronization. The cluster enables highly efficient, parallel implementation of algorithms giving almost optimal linear speedup.

*** 64 bit support included in selected instructions.


GAP8 – Our first-generation product in production now powering a new generation of IoT Sensors.
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GAP9 – Combines ultra-low latency filtering capabilities with sophisticated DSP and NN acceleration to power the next generation of hearables, wearables and IoT devices.