Audio Add-on Board for GAP9_EVK

Audio Add-on Board for GAP9_EVK

350,00 excl. TVA/VAT

The Audio Add-On board is an expansion board for GAP9_EVK which enhances it with multiple audio-centric capabilities. It is intended to prototype, for instance, TWS earbud- or headphone-oriented applications as well as other portable audio applications.

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> Audio-centric expansion board for GAP9_EVK including :

  • 4 on-board digital output (PDM) microphones 
  • Connectors for up to 4 external digital microphones (up to 12 if no analog)
  • Connectors for up to 4 external analog mics (or line-in) feeding high-SNR audio ADC
  • 2-channel (L/R) analog audio out: on-board D/A conversion and headphone-level amplification
  • Header pins and audio jacks to connect to speakers or test equipment
  • Motion sensors –  3-axis accelerometer and gyroscope – optional magnetometer
  • Sliding potentiometer + ADC – e.g. for volume control by user

> 92mm x 84mm

> To be stacked with GAP9_EVK, connection through board-to-board headers 


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