GAPmod module

||GAPmod module

GAPmod module

60,00 excl. TVA/VAT

For fast, simple creation of custom boards

GAPMod is a core module built around GAP8 application processor.  An application PCB designer can simply mount the GAPMod module onto the specific application motherboard to facilitate and speed up the development of applications around GAP8.

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  • GAP8 ultra-low power IoT Application Processor Chip
  • 64 Mbit RAM + 512 Mbit Flash Memory w/ HyperBus interface
  • 32KHz Xtal oscillator
  • Power Management of GAP8 core
  • All GAP8 I/Os (except HyperBus interface pins) routed to GAPMod I/Os
  • GAP8 I/O power supplies to be provided externally for maximum flexibility
  • 8-pin castellated type pinout, 1.5mm pitch