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Face Identification on a mW power budget

Face Identification on mW power budget using GAP8 Face Identification has attracted a lot of press relating to uses in security applications. It is, however, an interesting feature in many applications. Identifying the owner of a device versus [...]


New GAP8 SDK V3.0 release from GreenWaves Technologies NEW FEATURES NNTool New flow for neural networks which is replacing tf2gap8. This allows mapping high-level graphs (e.g. from Keras) directly to gap8 with automatic quantization. PMSIS New system layer to [...]

GAPPoc : A family of GAP8-centric Proof Of Concept boards for edge AI

GAPPoc : A family of GAP8-centric Proof Of Concept boards for edge AI Our GAP8 application processor chip is great at analyzing and understanding data from IoT sensors, from the simplest to the most complex, in a very tight power [...]

GAP8 CNN Benchmarks

GAP8 CNN Benchmarks The GAP8 CNN Benchmark package provides a test suite to evaluate the performance and energy efficiency of GAP8's cluster on a representative subset of Convolution Neural Networks (CNN) Layers. This guide shows you how to run the benchmarks and check cycle [...]


New GAP8 SDK release from GreenWaves Technologies Release V2.1 of the GAP8 SDK is now available on Github at headline changes in this SDK are …- The addition of an instruction accurate simulator for GAP8 based on the PULP GVSOC project. [...]


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