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Development Boards & Modules


For software development and prototyping

GAPuino is an Arduino Uno form factor board (master) that includes a GAP8 and all the peripheral interfaces necessary to prototype GAP8 applications. It is compatible with most Arduino shields.

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  • Arduino Uno form factor

  • Camera connector for external camera (e.g. Himax HM01B0)

  • HyperBus combo DRAM/Flash 512Mbits Flash + 64Mbits DRAM


  • Reset button

  • Configurable I/O voltage (3.3V/5V)

  • Input Power – DC Connector or USB

GAPmod module

For fast, simple creation of custom boards

GAPMod is a core module built around GAP8 application processor. It contains all the layout critical components on a small, convenient surface BGA module. An application PCB designer can simply mount the GAPMod module onto the specific application motherboard to facilitate and speed up the development of applications using GAP8.

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GAPMod module
  • 26mm x 36mm surface mount module (e.g. Himax HM01B0)

  • 64Mb of external flash memory and 8Mb of external RAM

  • Watchdog and analog I/O

  • An LDO voltage converter providing GAP8’s 1.2V supply

  • A crystal and other passives necessary for GAP8 to operate


For proof of concept creation in vision applications

GAPPoc-A is a Proof of Concept Board that can be used for demonstration of battery-operated, edge computer vision applications based on GAP8.
The GAPPoc-A board enables battery operated applications developed around algorithms such as people counting, face-identification and many others to be quickly assembled and evaluated in the field.

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  • 26mm x 36mm x 3mm
  • GAPmod

  • Monochrome VGA image sensor (On Semi MT9V034C12STM-DP1) with interchangeable lenses (M1S lens mounted on an S-mount)

  • Ultra-low profile “clip-on” connector for optional customer’s satellite board

  • uBlox NINA-B112 BLE module

  • Headers for I/O other communications

  • JTAG

  • Battery holder