GAP9 Manuals

The following resources are available to help you get started working on GAP9 processor

Document nameLast ModifiedLink
GAP9 tensor compression20.11.2021
 GAP9. Bringing new dimensions to ultra low power edge signal processing26.01.2022
GAP9 Voltage Control Using Internal Power Management Unit (PMU)14.11.2023
Document nameLast ModifiedLink
GAP9 Hardware integration guide20.05.2024
Audio Clocks for GAP9 – H/W Options and System Implications04.04.2023
GAP9-based TWS/Headphones Hardware Architectures03.11.2023
GAP9 Datasheet13.12.2023
GAP9 Pinout docs04.04.2022
Document nameLast ModifiedLink
GAP9Mod schematics02.12.2022
GAP9Mod pin assignment03.03.2022
Document nameLast ModifiedLink
GAP9 Evaluation Hardware Overview16.03.2022
GAP9_EVK User Manual20.05.2024
GAP9_EVK Schematics20.05.2024
Audio Add-On User Manual20.05.2024
Audio Add-On Schematics28.04.2023
Document nameLink
GAP9 SDK Documentation