TinyML Summit. March 22, 2021

The tinyML Summit is the premier annual gatherings of senior level technical experts and decision makers representing fast growing global tinyML community. Greenwaves Technologies is a proud sponsor of tinyML Summit which will be held virtually the week of March 22, 2021.

Martin Croome, VP of Marketing at GreenWaves, will present “A real application of tinyML in Intelligent Building Sensors”.

In this session, he will look at a real-life example of using TinyML in smart building sensors. Up until now building sensors counting people have been expensive and difficult to install or have lacked accuracy. TinyML makes reliable, battery operated people counting possible with sensor battery lives of over five years in typical scenarios. This allows for inexpensive, easy to install products that bring a lot of value to facility managers. The applications enabled by sophisticated image and sound analysis in building sensors don’t just stop at counting. We will also look at some of the other use cases that are possible and how they are being enabled by GAP processors, now.

Online event. Free to attend.

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