Disruptive technology for intelligent IoT devices

GAP8 industrial applications

GAP8 enables tasks such as interpretation of vibration and other inputs to be carried out at the sensor. Low power long range wireless networks can be used to collect pre-analysed sensor feedback. This gets rid of cables allowing more sensors to be installed cost-effectively.

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Industrial Use Cases

  • Automation maintenance
  • Low power /self-powered embedded control systems
  • Security/ Safety & Access Control
  • Manufacturing automation robots

GAP8 – uniquely designed to adapt the power consumption to the needs of the application

GAP8 in consumer devices

GAP8 can bring new functionality to battery operated consumer devices while controlling product cost.
GAP8 can act as an integrated controller and sensor hub. It enables consumer products to be controlled with fusions of voice, facial and emotion recognition.
It’s highly integrated design enables low overall system cost.

Consumer markets

  • Drones
  • Smart Toys
  • Robotics / Appliances
  • Smart Homes
  • Intelligent Alarms
  • Wearables

GAP8 delivers significant compute ability at absolute low energy usage

GAP8 in retail/ enterprise

GAP8 embedded vision processing enables applications such as people counting to be carried out by low cost, wireless devices that can operate for months or even years on a battery.

Retail/ Enterprise use cases

  • Retail marketing / Store efficiency
  • People / object monitoring
  • Security / Safety & Access Control

GAP8 enables to execute machine learning algorithms working years on a battery

GAP8 in Urban Security & Safety

GAP8 can enable solutions requiring sophisticated embedded vision applications to be deployed in situations and at cost levels that enable new applications.

Security/ Safety applications

  • Road / Traffic monitoring
  • People Tracking
  • Supervision Systems
  • Signalling Solutions