With GAP8, you can bring the first autonomous toy car to life!

Thanks to AI technology, connected devices are becoming smarter than ever. The latest AI powered devices can sense what’s happening in the environment around them, interpret that information and then respond to help make our lives easier. GreenWaves’ pioneering GAP8 IoT application processor is opening up new possibilities for the next generation of connected devices. GAP8 enables the cost-effective development, deployment and autonomous operation of intelligent devices that capture, analyze, classify and act on a fusion of rich data sources such as images, sounds, radar, infra-red or vibrations. GAP8 was designed with ultra-low energy usage – from a few tens of miliwatts in active mode to a few microwatts in sleep mode – so devices can last for years on a battery. Let’s explore some of the exciting ways customers can use GAP8 to innovate.

Here’s a fun project for kids or anyone who’s a kid-at-heart. With GAP8, you can bring the first autonomous toy car to life! The GAP8 processor enables you to program your toy car to identify objects and recognize its surroundings to safely navigate. You can create a car that follows lanes, responds to voice directions, reads signs, gives pedestrians the right of way and even follows speed limits. The small size of the processor makes it easy to create slim designs, and its long battery life means your autonomous toy car can run for years. You can also use GAP8 to create other types of cool toys like smart robots and connected dolls; the sky is the limit!