||Occupancy management solution

Occupancy management solution

With the high cost of office workspace, companies  are increasingly focusing on whether the available space is being well utilised. Employees that do not work permanently at the office are now being assigned shared desks. This brings a need to monitor if desks are available and to measure their utilization. A simple reservation system does not consider actual usage so still leads to inefficient allocation of space and potential employee frustration.

The same problem exists for shared resources such as meeting rooms. There is wide usage of meeting reservation systems but are the reservations actually being used? Sometimes meeting rooms are used without reservations. How does an employee know which meeting room is available?

The Occupancy Management Reference platform from Lynred and GreenWaves Technologies uses an Infra Red sensor and an ultra-low-power processor especially designed for on-board Artificial Intelligence to provide an easy to install, battery operated occupancy management sensor.

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