GreenWaves Technologies, an IoT AI application processor fabless semiconductor start-up opens office in Shanghai to accelerate growth in China

GreenWaves Technologies, a fabless semiconductor start-up designing disruptive ultra-low power embedded solutions for image, sound and radar signatures AI processing in IoT and hearable devices, is opening a new office in China in Shanghai.

“We have been actively pursuing business in China from day one. As the number of opportunities there are growing up, it is a logical step to establish a local team,” said GreenWaves CEO Loic Lietar. “This will allow us to provide more support to our engaged Chinese customers and to accelerate our business development there.”

GreenWaves solutions are embedding intelligence into things at the very edge, particularly in hearable devices and people detection, people and object counting and head pose detection sensors.

GreenWaves Chinese Office
Address: 99 Fu Quan Road, Changning, Shanghai, 200335
Tel: +1 89 64 97 33 17

GreenWaves Technologies 一家专注于物联网人工智能应用处理器的无晶圆厂半导体初创公司 现于上海开设办事处以加速在中国的发展

GreenWaves Technologies是一家无晶圆厂半导体初创公司,为物联网和语音识别设备中的图像、声音和雷达信号的智能处理提供颠覆性超低功耗嵌入式解决方案,目前在上海新开设了一个中国办事处。

“我们从一开始就积极地在中国开展业务。随着机会的增多,建立本地团队是合乎逻辑的一步,”GreenWaves首席执行官Loic Lietar表示。“这将使我们能够为我们的中国客户提供更多的支持,并加快我们在中国的业务发展。”

Greenwaves Technologies中国办公室
电话:+189 6497 3317