New GAP8 SDK release from GreenWaves Technologies

Release V2.1 of the GAP8 SDK is now available on Github at

The headline changes in this SDK are …
– The addition of an instruction accurate simulator for GAP8 based on the PULP GVSOC project. This simulator greatly simplifies development by allowing code to be run without hardware limitations on a PC. The simulator allows the internal state of the simulated GAP8 to be explored with system traces and also allows VCD traces to be produced which can be viewed with the open source GTKwave tool.

– The GAP8 benchmark suite includes a series of reproducible benchmarks on a variety of different NN layer types. This allows you to duplicate the benchmarks that GreenWaves’ has published and simplifies evaluation of the processor.

– We have also made a number of updates to the SDK tools and bug fixes.

The full release notes can be read here.