FOREIS  realizes its fourth investment in start-up GREENWAVES TECHNOLOGIES. The funding will help the start-up develop  a disruptive  OFDM communication solution. This GreenOFDM invention will allow wireless  high data rate and very low power communications. It is aimed to  address the  forthcoming challenges of the IoT market.


foreis supports greenwaves technologies

About Foreis

FOREIS is an  endowment fund for support and innovation of SMEs in the micro and nano electronics industry.

This ethical Seed Fund was established at the initiative of manufacturers throughout the semiconductor value chain. It helps to create innovation and jobs in France by providing financial support, advice, referrals and networking.

The support of FOREIS must allow entrepreneurs to validate their technologies and concepts. Then, they can  access to  more important development fund to industrialise and develop their products in the world market.