Announcing the French tinyML Meetup group – a place to discover new innovations with tiny things

GreenWaves is proud to launch the 1st TinyML meetup group in France to support the French ultra-low power machine learning community, to stimulate knowledge sharing, networking and research, to connect technologies and innovations to business opportunities and to expand the TinyML ecosystem.
As an industry leader in leveraging open source projects we believe that contribution to the community drives innovation. The French tinyML Meetups will be virtual, hybrid and later physical events bringing together academics and industry partners to openly discuss and collaborate.
You can join the French tinyML Meetup group here and register for the 1st virtual event:

State of the TinyML today
July 01, 18:00 (CET Time, Virtual event, Speaking language – french)

Frédéric Pétrot, Professeur, Chaire Embedded Hardware AI Architectures
Lucas Nacsa, CEO, Neovision (ou Etienne Balit, PhD, R&D Lead in Artificial Intelligence, Neovision
Loic Lietar, CEO, GreenWaves

The 1st TinyML meetup will be held virtually as an open panel discussion with the keynote speakers. We would like to discuss the landscape and potential of today’s ultra-low power applications, recent advances and challenges in TinyML. We will encourage questions, opinions and suggestions from the audience on this subject.

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