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CKernelCall_T ** Calls (unsigned int CallCount,...)
 Creates a list of calls to basic or user kernels. More...
CKernelCall_T ** AllocateCalls (unsigned int CallCount)
 Prepares a list of CallCount calls. More...
CKernelCall_TCall (char *CallName, KernelCallLocationT CallLocation, ArgBindingDescr_T **BindingList)
 Create a call to a basic or a user kernel. More...


Functions in this group should be used to add calls to basic kernels in a user kernel or user kernels in a user kernel group

Function Documentation

CKernelCall_T** AllocateCalls ( unsigned int  CallCount)

Prepares a list of CallCount calls

CallCountNumber of calls
CKernelCall_T* Call ( char *  CallName,
KernelCallLocationT  CallLocation,
ArgBindingDescr_T **  BindingList 

Create a call to a basic or a user kernel

CallNameName of the function the be called, a basic kernel or a user kernel if in a group
CallLocationWhere to insert the call into the iteration structure
BindingListList of bindings for callee's arguments: Bindings(), Bindings(), ...
CKernelCall_T** Calls ( unsigned int  CallCount,

Creates a list of calls to basic or user kernels

CallCountNumber of calls
...A list of Call() calls