GAPPoc-A , Computer Vision Concept Board

250,00 excl. TVA/VAT

For proof of concept creation in vision applications

GAPPoc-A is a Proof of Concept Board that can be used for demonstration of battery-operated, edge computer vision applications based on GAP8.
It incorporates GAPmod, a surface-mount module that implements all the layout sensitive portion of a GAP8 design, along with a VGA image sensor and a Bluetooth Low Energy radio.
The GAPPoc-A board enables battery-operated applications developed around algorithms such as people counting, face-identification and many others to be quickly assembled and evaluated in the field.

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GAPPoc-A , Computer Vision Concept Board


  • GAP8 ultra-low power IoT Application Processor
  • 64Kbit RAM + 512Kbit Flash  (HyperBus interface)
  • A monochrome image sensor (ON Semiconductor MT9V034) with up to WVGA (752×480) resolution, global shutter, support for 1/2 and 1/4 horizontal/vertical binning, arbitrary size cropping and HDR
  • S-mount holder for interchangeable M12 lens
  • Bluetooth Low Energy module (uBlox NINA B1), controllable through AT commands
  • Battery holder onboard (2/3A primary battery, 3.3V-3.6V)
  • Ultra-low profile “clip-on” connector for optional customer’s satellite board with serial interfaces (SPI/I2C/UART/GPIO)
  • 54mm pitch connectors for feature expansions and for debug
  • Requires an external probe for programming/debug (onboard 10-pin compact JTAG connector)


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