|Image / audio sensor evaluation in the context of GAP8-centric ultra low power systems

 Image / audio sensor evaluation in the context of GAP8-centric ultra low power systems

Offer for 6 month internship. Shorter durations (4-6 months) could also be considered for good candidates.


Greenwaves Technologies is a five year old fabless semiconductor start-up established in Grenoble, France. Our first product, GAP8, is the world’s first IoT Application Processor armed with 8+1 RISC-V based cores and a high performance HW convolution engine. It is a simple yet very sophisticated, unique processor architecture, which delivers an energy efficiency 20x better than state-of-the-art, opening a large range of battery powered applications. Examples of applications are people counting, keyword spotting combined with beamforming, object recognition, face detection and vibration analysis. GAP8 is especially effective on machine learning inference algorithms (CNN, SVM, Bayesian, Boosting, Cepstral analysis). Yet, GAP8 is by and large programmed just like a regular MCU.

Our technology is very much ahead of the state-of-art, and our chip is just about to prove its revolutionary potential on a wide open global market. For a team, it is a very motivating challenge that each of us could be part of in proportion to one’s own enthusiasm at work. As a growing and highly multicultural team with sharp personalities, Greenwaves Technologies is very proud of its specific collaborative management style. The company is and will be what we each of us make of it, as we experience every day, and we are looking for talented, enthusiastic, curious and committed people, who will be ready to bring their energy and skills for a significant contribution to the success of the company’s project.


GAP8-centric applications typically involve analysis and classification of data obtained from sensors. This data may consist of :

– pictures captured by an image sensor : GAP8 may for example identify how many people are present in the scene,

– audio captured by microphones : GAP8 may for example respond to keywords or spoken commands,

– vibration information captured by inertial sensors : GAP8 may for example detect abnormal behaviour for preventive maintenance,

– etc.

In this context, we need to select sensor models that are a good fit with GAP8, both to use in our own demonstrators and to be able to recommend solutions to our customers. This screening has to based on system-level constraints (such as, e.g., the power consumption budget that can be allocated to taking one picture), as well as on GAP8 specific constraints (for example, type of physical interfaces supported by GAP8).

The objective of this internship is to help perform this selection, focussing first on image sensors and, as second priority, on microphones.

The work will encompass the following tasks :

– Understanding datasheets of candidate sensors,

– Performing the bring-up of evaluation boards bearing the target sensor,

– Depending on the nature of the evaluation board : in some cases, write basic test software running on our GAP8 processor to control the sensor and capture data ; in other cases use vendor-provided software running on PC to do the same,

– Doing various measurements : power consumption in different modes, reactivity (time to first valid picture), etc.

– Assessing relevance of controls, pre-integrated algorithms and specificities offered by the sensor,

– Assessing image (or sound) quality under different operating conditions,

– Documenting results


> Engineer/Master’s Degree Student (Bac +5) in the field of electronics or embedded software,

> At least a basic understanding of electronic circuits and architectures,

> Good command of the « C » language in an Embedded environment,

> Able to operate standard lab equipment (oscilloscope, multimeter, power supply, etc.),

> Good level of spoken and written English, used daily for communication with some colleagues and partners

> Experience in the field of image sensors or audio/video signals is a plus

Job Type: Internship
Job Category: Engineering
Job Location: Grenoble. France (Alsace-Lorraine near train/tram)

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