Drone-cartography of a room
using GAP8 application processor

GreenWaves Technologies is a fabless semiconductor company based just outside Grenoble, France. We were formed in 2014 with the mission of revolutionizing intelligent sensors and devices. We have developed GAP8, an ultra-low power IoT Application Processor. GAP8 enables devices to interpret and act on image, motion and sound data at energy levels which allow years of operation on batteries bringing low installation and operation costs.
The target of this project is to bring up Applicative Platforms (called GAPOC — for ‘GAP Proofs of Concept’) for the GAP8 processor, representative of final products in terms of form factor, usage, power consumption, etc.
A key aspect of the GAPOC platform is its modularity, allowing to quickly and easily derive variants for different target applications: this modularity must also be ensured at demo software level.
GAP8 is architectured around RISC-V open-source micro-controller cores. We develop GAP8 software mostly in a Linux environment. During this internship, the intern will be tasked with developing on a drone using our GAP8 processor an environment cartography demo. This will be done using a time of flight sensor, and radio protocols to communicate the result. For shorter internship, only the acquisition of data from time of light sensor would be targeted.


  • Acquire data from time of flight sensor
  • Develop a navigation algorithm for the Drone to make the actual cartography of a given room.
  • Develop validation code, demo code and testbenches to run on GAPOC involving the control of (some of) the following: Time of flight sensor, IoT radios (Wifi/LoRa, BLE…),
  • Implement a functional demo.

Required skills:

  • Embedded Software student, Ingénieur/Master’s degree
  • C code proficiency, in an embedded system context
  • Knowledge of standard path finding algorithm (Dijkstra etc..)
  • Experience with 32-bit microcontrollers and classical MCU interfaces
  • Ability to combine a “hands-on” and pragmatic approach with a clear sense of rigor
  • Basic understanding of lightweight embedded OS/kernels (e.g. FreeRTOS or similar)

Bonus skills:

  • Git
  • Radio protocols (Bluetooth Low Energy, etc)
  • Signal Processing (esp. sensor fusion)
  • Python / C++

This internship would be particularly suitable for someone having experience in “making” or “hacking”
things as a hobby — perhaps someone who tinkers with robots, programs nano-drones, or plays with
prototyping boards such as ST-Nucleo, RPi, Arduino…

Job Category: Engineering
Job Type: Internship (3-6 Months)
Job Location: Grenoble. France (Alsace-Lorraine near train/tram)
Remuneration: 1000 Euros/month + 200 Euros/Month (bonus)

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