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GAP8 – Our first-generation product in production now powering a new generation of IoT Sensors.
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GAP8 product brief


GAP9 – Combines ultra-low latency filtering capabilities with sophisticated DSP and NN acceleration to power the next generation of hearables, wearables and IoT devices.

GAP9 product brief



Processing power

22.65 GOPS150.8 GOPS

Power efficiency

4.24 mW/GOP0.33 mW/GOP


L180 kB128 kB
RAM512 kB1.5 MB
Non VolatileNone2 MB
ExternalQSPI/ HyperBus2x QSPI/OCTO-SPI/HyperBus/SDIO

MAX Frequency


Fixed Point

8, 16, 32-bit8, 16, 32, 64-bit***

Floating Point

None16/16alt/32, 64-bit***

Sound Interface

2 Rx-Only I2S interfaces3 master/slave SAI full duplex, I2S and TDM 4/8/16 ch capable

Camera Interface

8-bit CPI (Camera Parallel Interface)8-bit CPI, 2-lane CSI-2

Package type

aQFN 88 7x7mmWL-CSP 3.7mmx3.7mm – BGA 5.5mm x 5.5mm


In productionIn production 2021

*FC (Fabric Controller) is the main system controller and resembles a standard MCU; it can delegate compute-intensive tasks to the Cluster.

**GAP includes a multicore compute cluster with a shared memory architecture and hardware thread synchronization. The cluster enables highly efficient, parallel implementation of algorithms giving almost optimal linear speedup.

*** 64 bit support included in selected instructions.