The weight file is blank

The weight file is blank2019-09-30T16:21:58+00:00
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      Hi all,

      I used the SDK tool to converse the inception_v3 model ( trained by tensorflow framework to GAP8 codes, after some steps, this process is successful. However, the weight file (weights_bias.c) has just one line (#include “weights_bias.h”), and the network file (network_process.c) only consist (#include “network_process.h” void network_process () {} ). I don’t know the reason.

      Besides, I have succeeded to transform the cifar10 model to GAP8 codes manually, and the weight file and the network file are normal, they can run as expected. So I think the step that I used to converse the model is right.

      Could someone here to help me?

      Huai Shuo

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