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      Dear all,
      We would like to inform you about the new SDK V3.0 release from GreenWaves.

      The new features and updates in the SDK include:

      New flow for neural networks which is replacing tf2gap8.
      This allows mapping high-level graphs (e.g. from Keras) directly to gap8 with automatic quantization.

      New system layer to have portable Gap applications across several operating systems. This comes with a set of device drivers available on PulpOS / FreeRTOS: Hyperflash/Hyperram, simple FS, cameras, LCDs,

      A new feature for describing the full graph. This is now automatically managing the whole execution, including transfers with external RAM.

      Release V3.0 of the GAP8 SDK is now available on Github at

      Many thanks,
      The GreenWaves Team

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