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    • kim piau ngngkp76
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      I would like to ask if it is feasible to implement a mobilenet ssd v2 for a 640×480 video at a few frames per second (eg. 3).

      i understand the eval board is pretty limited in memory to store the coefficients of the network. but can i build a custom pcb and add in more lpddr ram to overcome this?

      would like to see if can implement mobilenet or yolo v2 (not tiny yolo) by trading off speed.

      thank you

    • Francesco PaciFrancesco Paci
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      it exists a lot of variants of Mobilnet V2 and the feasibility on GAP8 really dépendes on the network structure, can you point out one of them?

    • Francesco PaciFrancesco Paci
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      thanks for the information.
      perhaps using the following as a reference point?

      what about yolo v2?

      basically what i would like to find out are

      1) what layers gap8 cant do,

      2) is there a limit to the size of the network model if i have sufficient ddr ram. how does the power consumption get impacted

      3) gmacs it can do


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