applications / examples containing "rt_bridge_connect" stuck at that call

|||applications / examples containing "rt_bridge_connect" stuck at that call
applications / examples containing "rt_bridge_connect" stuck at that call2019-09-17T16:37:25+00:00

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    • Tobias DentlerTobias Dentler
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      I’m playing around with the examples for the GAPuino.
      They work just fine out of the box, but as soon as an example is calling the “rt_bridge_connect” this function will not return.
      The execution of the application / example hangs at this point.

      The example in /gap_sdk/examples/pulp-examples/periph/camera/camera_HIMAX
      works fine.

      but when executing /gap_sdk/examples/pulp-examples/periph/camera/camera_HIMAX_IO
      the application hangs in the call “rt_bridge_connect(1, NULL);”

      My environment is an Ubuntu 16.04 running in a virtual machine (VM Ware 14).
      My HW samples are kind of “old”. (PROTO0253 / V3 PROTO 344).

      Anyone successfully executed those example in a VM?

      Is the HW to old? Any known issues with the debug bridge?

      Any other ideas why the bridging function is not working?


    • Yao ZHANGYao ZHANG
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      In fact, here we have some problem of SW need to be improved, but it’s not a bug.
      We actually have 2 bridges differents:
      1 debug-bridge: which is in charge of load, execute the code, gdb, printf, etc.
      2 service bridge: which will connect with 1st one, ONLY when the code is executing, to do some file IO services. For example, save an image from camera to local.

      Therefore, the 2nd bridge need to be connected after the code is running. If it’s triggered before, it will hangs on rt_bridge_connect.
      But we have no idea when it’s the right time to connect, because different PC, VM, env can make the time of start different.

      I put a workaround in the Makefile, you can find in the Makefile of this example ‘camera_Himax_IO’

      PLPBRIDGE_FLAGS += -fileIO

      Here, the number means the 2nd bridge will wait for how long (in second) to start the connection. In your case, if you can find such an error in your terminal:
      ‘Unable to connect to localhost port 9999 (Connection refused)’
      Which means you need to increase the wait time.

      But for sure, we need to optimize this functionality and make it more user friendly.


    • Tobias DentlerTobias Dentler
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      Hi Yao,

      Thank you for the quick response.
      Indeed there was the error in the log.
      In my case setting wait time to 15 seconds works.

      Kind regards

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