GAP8: First Internet Of Things (IoT) Processor 2017-10-18T15:53:57+00:00

Image, sound and vibrations pattern matching  at unmatched power efficiency for the smart IoT

Thanks to the GAP8 parallel and vector computing power, its specialised hardware blocks for advanced neural network based algorithms and its smart pre-processors close to sensors, GreenWaves provides superior content analysis capabilities for a broad range of IoT applications such as:

  • Image analysis
  • Voice recognition
  • Voice identification
  • Motion detection & vibration analysis

Everything above with record breaking power budget!

GreenOFDM: Disruptive low power OFDM wireless communication for the smart IoT

GreenOFDM reduces by an order of magnitude the power dissipation of an OFDM transmission, enabling long range high data rate IoT communications and therefore rich sensors data upload, high throughput IoT wireless networks and SW update over the air. GreenOFDM boosts IoT communication protocols. It runs on GAP8.

  • pure OFDM
  • Up to 16QAM
  • 1Mb/s
  • 6dB PAPR reduction vs OFDM @ CCDF=10-6

SW Defined Modem for any IoT wireless  communication (802.15.4g, LTE Cat-M & NB-IoT,802.11ah)

Our SW Defined Modem library enables any Mb/s IoT wireless communication protocol, therefore solving the fragmentation challenge of IoT communication. On Gap8, you’ll be able to run the following physical and Mac layers:

  • 802.15.4g
  • LTE Cat-M & NB-IoT
  • 802.11ah

And also value-adding features such as additional security, ranging for location or radio interferer mitigation.

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