Career Opportunites

Greenwaves Technologies is a 19 person, 4-year-old fabless semiconductor startup established near to Grenoble in the French Alps. Our first product GAP8 is a 1+8 RISC-V core based IoT Application Processor armed with a high-performance hardware convolution engine. It has a simple yet very sophisticated and unique processor architecture, which delivers an energy efficiency that is 20 times better than the state-of-the-art, opening up a large range of battery-powered rich content understanding applications. Examples of applications are people counting, keyword spotting, combined with beamforming, object recognition, face detection and vibration analysis. GAP8 is especially effective on machine learning inference algorithms (CNN, SVM, Bayesian, Boosting, Cepstral analysis). Yet, GAP8 is by and large programmed just like a regular MCU. We develop reference applications to provide evidence of GAP8’s performance which accelerates our potential customers’ evaluation and decision process and also drives some to adapt them for their own needs. Our SW development team works closely with our customers.

GAP8 came out of fab in Feb 2018. We have sold so far more than 250 GAPuino development kits and yes, we are enjoying nice commercial traction globally.

We, as a growing and highly multicultural team with sharp personalities, need talented, enthusiastic, curious and committed people who will be ready to bring energy into the system for a significant contribution to the success of the team project. Greenwaves Technology as a team is very proud of its specific collaborative management style. Our Technology is very much ahead of the state-of-art, and our chip is just about to prove its revolutionary potential on a wide opened global market. For a team, it is a very motivating challenge that each of us has the opportunity to be part of in proportion to our own enthusiasm at work. The company is and will be what we each of us make of it, as we experience it, every day.

We provide social security benefits, a retirement plan and a fascinating place to work!