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About GreenWaves Technologies


GreenWaves Technologies is a fabless semiconductor company based just outside Grenoble, France. We were formed in 2014 with the mission of revolutionizing intelligent sensors and devices. We have developed GAP8, an ultra-low power IoT Application Processor.  GAP8 enables devices to interpret and act on image, motion and sound data at energy levels. It allows years of operation on batteries bringing low installation and operation costs.

Our team comes from a wide range of backgrounds. We have many years of experience, in large and small companies, of bringing successful new-to-world products to market.

GreenWaves is one of a growing group of semiconductor design companies that are committing to Open Source projects. We believe that this both advances innovation and provides customers with confidence in their decision to commit to our products. We are actively participating in two Open Source projects that provide some of the components in GAP8’s design and without which GAP8 would not exist, the RISC V Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) and Parallel Ultra Low Power (PULP) projects.

Our team includes members from the two Universities working on the PULP program, ETH Zurich, Switzerland and UniBo, Bologna, Italy, and GreenWaves staff continue to feedback contributions into both the PULP and RISC-V communities.

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